Tour To Habu Temple, Tombs of Nobles and Deir el Madina

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Explore one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt, the temple of Ramses III at Madinet Habu, the magnificent tombs of the ancient artisans at Deir El Madina, and the awesome tombs of the Nobles. 

Tour Description:

Your guide will meet you at the reception of your hotel to commence your tour to,

Habu Temple:

The complex of Madinet Habu or ( the city of Habu ), contains the great temple of Ramses III, Hatshepsut’s chapel, and the votive chapel.images

The name of Habu is derived from the name of the great architect of the New Kingdom Ahmos son of Habu.

You will approach the complex by a very strange gateway called Magdol. On your way to Ramses III’s temple, you will find the chapel of Hatshepsut to the right and the votive chapel to the left.

The splendid temple of Ramses III was modeled on the Ramesseum temple of Ramses II. Ramses III was the last great pharaoh of Egypt, ruled around 1186 BC for about 31 years. During his long reign, he fought against Libyans, Nubians, and Sea people. The exterior walls of his temple show his military activities against those people.

The temple still has a great portion of amazing and beautiful paintings.

Tombs of Nobles:

The tombs of Noblemen are dedicated to high-rank members, the high rank of the government officials, scribes, and some powerful priests.images
They are located in different areas of the west bank, such as Shiekh Abdel Qurnat, El Khokha, El Asassif, and Qurnit Ma’ari.
The government arranges them in groups for the tourists. So each ticket allows you a different set of tombs.
The most popular and visited tombs are Ra Mose, Sennefer, Rakhmire, Nakht, and Menna.

Menna TT 69:

The small tomb of Menna is decorated with extremely detailed scenes, created by a master craftsman. It provides an irreplaceable directory of scenes from everyday life and also of funerary customs. Menna was the scribe of fields of the Lord of the Two Lands, the overseer of agricultural activities.

Nakht TT 52:

The tomb of Nakht, although very small in size, includes some of the most beautiful paintings of the Theban tombs. Their freshness of color remains astounding.

Ramose TT 55:

Ramose was a vizier at first under the administration of Amenhotep III then his son Amenhotep IV before he became Akhenaton. His tomb gives a good account of his dualism. Its engravings are among the finest of all Egyptian art.

Sennefer TT 96:

The tomb of Sennefer is justifiably, famous for its ceiling and the quality of its reliefs, as also its state of conservation. The craftsmen exploited the irregularity of that it to decorate it with vines, from where the monument gets its name “Tomb of Vines”.

Deir al Madina:

It is the village of the workers of the tombs of the kings. It is one of few communities which still exists in Egypt. Its inhabitants were called “the workers of the place of truth” (the valley of kings).

On this lovely tour, you will be surprised by the village and how it was built. It is one of the oldest settlements in history. The village contains about seventy houses, with one main street in the middle.Relevé_à_l'aquarelle_de_la_tombe_de_Senedjem,_Musée_des_Beaux-Arts_de_Béziers

The workers built their tombs where they lived. They are very beautiful tombs showing the daily life aspects of ancient Egypt. Among the villagers were the stone cutters, carpenters, painters, draftsmen, law representatives, and policemen.

A temple was built for the goddess Hathor during the time of the Greeks. This temple was converted to a monastery by the Coptics, that’s why the village is now called Deir al Madina or “the monastery of the town”.

Two tombs are opened there for the public and the temple of Hathor plus the panorama of the village.

Price is per person, min (2 people). There’s a single traveler supplement (60%) of one person’s price.

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  •  Licensed tour guide.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Air-conditioned tourist coach.
  • Hotel pick up and drop off.
  • Taxes.

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  • Tips for guide and driver.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Drinks and meals.


  • Children from 1-5 years are free of charge.
  • Children between 6-11 years get 50% off.
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