Top Aswan Attractions and Things to Do

Top Aswan Attractions and Things to Do

Aswan, the city on the Nile River. It contains important archaeological sites such as the Philae Temple complex near the Aswan Dam landmark. The Philae ruins include the columned temple of Isis dating back to the 4th century BC.

 The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Kush, Aswan was situated on the lower Nile. It served as a buffer zone between Egypt and Nubia for over 3,000 years before being abandoned in the early Christian period.
Down the river, you can enjoy the fresh air, the bright sun, and see the ancient temples through a fun Nile cruise.

Top Attraction in Aswan

Temple of Philae

Philae Temple, Philae Island - Journey To Egypt

 The Philae temple complex is a temple complex based on an island in the Nile River you can take felucca in Aswan  And you enjoy the breathtaking air and the wonderful scenery The Temple of Philae is one of the most prominent landmarks in Aswan, where Isis found the heart of Osiris and the story of their love arose according to their story.

Philae, Arabic Jazirat Filah (Philae Island) or Jazirat al-Birba (Temple Island), island in the Nile River between the old Aswan Dam and the Aswan High ...

Nubian Museum

Nubia Museum - Discover Egypt's Monuments - Ministry of Tourism and  Antiquities

 It is a museum dedicated to learning about Nubian history in Aswan, and it extends from Aswan in the north through Sudan in the south with Aswan Day Tours you can see And learn a lot about Aswan civilization
Nubian Village Nubian villages are famous for their colorful streets, and walls painted in cheerful colors. Nubians have a unique and distinctive skin tone and also a language of their own that no one speaks in Egypt. They live on the western bank of the Nile, in the very south


Aswan Botanical Garden

Aswan Botanical Garden, Aswan | Ticket Price | Timings | Address: TripHobo

 One of the most beautiful islands on the Nile, the island has 3 entrances. The main entrance is located at the northern end of the island. It includes a lot of scenic plants

botanical garden, also called botanic garden, originally, a collection of living plants designed chiefly to illustrate relationships within plant groups. In modern times, most botanical ...


 Aswan High Dam 

with Happy Egypt you will see one of the largest bridge dams in the world, which was built across the Nile in Aswan between 1960 and 1970. It is of great importance in preserving the waters of the Nile River 

The Aswan Dam is built on the River Nile, just south of the city of Aswan in Egypt during your Tour to The High Dam There are actually two dams at Aswan. The Aswan Low Dam that was completed in 1902 and the Aswan High Dam that was completed in 1970.

The Aswan High Dam, a rock-filled dam across the Nile River in Aswan, Egypt, was completed in 1970 (and officially opened in January 1971) at a cost of about $1 billion. The High Dam in Aswan brings great benefits to the Egyptian economy. For the first time in history, the annual Nile flood is under human influence. It was implemented to preserve the waters of the great Nile River and preserve every drop of it because water is the lifeline. You can see that and know a lot about it through Aswan Day Tours






Top Aswan Attractions and Things to do

Top Aswan Attractions ,There are many ancient monuments in Aswan, which can be seen and enjoyed by touring the Nile River and many things to do