Nile Cruises

by Ad Meskens
There are about 450 Nile cruises sail between Luxor and Aswan. They are different in quality and programs. Some very little number of cruises with small drafts can sail between Aswan and Cairo in fixed days of the year when the level of the water is very high. All the cruises we serve and book through them are five stars and five stars deluxe with very good quality of services and food. Our cruises vary in programs such as three nights, four nights and seven nights. We will recommend you the best available Nile cruises or you can choose one particular cruise and we will book it for you. We recommend some Nile cruises such as: M/S NILE DOLPHIN M/S ROYAL EZADORA M/S AMARCO I M/S AMARCO II M/S PRINCESS SARAH M/S AL JAMILA M/S SAMIRAMIS III M/S MAY FAIR M/S ESMERALDA M/S LE FAYAN And some the Nile cruises. Reserve Now