Dendera Temple

07-Inside Dandara temple

Tour Description:

Today, you will explore one of the most finest and beautiful temple among the Egyptian temples, the temple of the goddess Hathor at Dendera. Dendera or Tentyra was the capital of 16th Nome of upper Egypt. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor.  Hathor (The Cow) was identified by the Greeks as Hera or Aphrodite. She was the goddess of love, dance and music. Before you reach the temple, there are two structures in precinct of the temple, the Mamisi or "the birth house" and the Roman Basilica.89f5e6a959d573a9eed21fa92a4137d1 The temple of Hathor was built in the time of the Greeks. It is in very good condition with amazing astronomical scenes on the ceiling. There are 24 Hathoric columns bear the roof of the 1st hypostyle hall. The temple contains very beautiful scenes such as the representation of the goddess Nut, and the zodiac on the top of the temple.   You will admire the good carvings in the crypt at the rear part of the temple behind the sanctuary. Queen Cleopatra VII appears on the back exterior wall making offering to the goddess. A small temple is dedicated to Isis is in the back of Hathor's temple. A pool with a Nileometre  is to the right of the temple.

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