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Happy Egypt Travel Services welcomes you to Egypt, the home of history and civilization.

We wish you a lovely, memorable and happy holiday in Egypt. We would like to thank you for choosing Happy Egypt and we appreciate giving us the chance to organize you a very exciting holiday.

In Egypt, you will find the history with the impressive remains from the ancient time, the beautiful landscape, the friendly inhabitants, the interesting customs, the hot and long summer, the mild winter and the tasty food.

Egypt is the country of contrasts. 90% of the country is desert while along the Nile is a rich vegetation.

The biggest part of the country is uninhabited while the cities are overcrowded. There aren’t hippos and crocodiles in the Nile anymore but the fauna is amazing .Lots of people have to face with the poverty while there is a small opulent elite. You may find international schools with high-quality education for the minority and packed classrooms in the Egyptian schools for the majority. There are lots of well-educated people with little work possibilities .Despite the difficulties, the people of Egypt are cheerful and optimistic.

Happy Egypt guarantees you a very exciting and amazing holiday because we are professionals in providing a very high level of quality of travel services.

We are in this field since 2004 doing our best to make sure that our tourists get the best of their holidays in Egypt.

Our Services include:

  • Meet and assist at airports and train stations.

  • Packages.11169903_10152948125844541_6601110998804346309_n

  • Private tours.

  • Daily Guided tours.

  • Nile Cruises.

  • Transfers.

  • Balloon rides.

  • Ticketing.

  • Hiring cars and buses.

  • Tailor Made tours.


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Egypt 08 nights / 09 days.

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Egypt 07 nights / 08 days.

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Cairo one day by flight

Tour description: In this day, you will explore the magnificent highlights of Cairo such as the pyramids, sphinx, and the great Egyptian museum. The pyramids & Sphinx: The Giza plateau in the vast desert, the land of the dead. Guarded by the Great Sphinx, the plateau is dominated by the massive pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, […]